The Birthday - Short Film

Germany,Italy 2015, Mandarin/English

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WORLD PREMIERE: TGLFF, Turin Official Selection - April 2015

Cannes ShortFilm Corner -May 2015

Nominated Best Cinematography ShanghaiPride -June 2015

Frameline Official Selection -June 2015

Cinemadamare Official Selection, Diamante (Italy) -August 2015

Libercine Official Selection (Argentina) -September 2015

MicGenero (Mexico) Official Selection -September 2015

Outwest Film Fest (Usa) Official Selection -October 2015

Bejing Queer Film Festival Official Selection -November 2015

RENCONTRES DES CINEMAS D'EUROPE (France) Screening- November 2015

Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg Official Selection- German Premiere- October 2015

Queer-Streifen Festival (Germany)Official Selection -October 2015

El Lugar sin limites (Ecuador) Official Selection -September 2015

Ljubjana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival(Slovenja) Official Selection-December 2015

Sardinia Queer Festival-December 2015

Ackerstadt Palast (Berlin) Screening-February 2016

Boddinale, Loophole(Berlin)- February 2016

Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival Official Selection July 2016

Mix Mexico Official Selection,May 2016

LesBiGayTrans Festival International de Cine Asuncion Paraguay Official Selection July 2016

Femart Festival- Official Selection- Premiere in Kosovo (Pristina)- May 2016

FInalist at CreActive International Film Festival June 2016

Arthub Asia-Listed on Best Films of ShanghaiPride- June 2016

Jahorina Film Festival Official Selection -September 2016



Two taiwanese girls, Ron and May, are living in Berlin. As Ron’s birthday approaches, the different love that they feel for each other places them in front of a meaningful change.


Inspired by the love poem ”A Birthday,” by Christina Rossetti, the film takes place close to the Birthday of Ron, a nineteen-years-old girl who is deeply in love with May, her best friend. A short time after Ron moves from Taipei, May decides to join her in Berlin.

The love between them is strong but contrasting: Ron doesn’t openly tell May her feelings but May is conscious of what she represents to her friend.

Nevertheless she keeps enjoying her life, taking all she can from Ron until she takes too much.

Her choices lead both girls to face who they are and how they might live life to the fullest.


Written, directed and edited by Daniela Lucato

Starring: Vivian Jung Chang, Yung Ching Chiu

Director of Photography: Fàbio Mota

Foley,Sound design & Mix: Kolloagency

Boom operator: Jacopo Vannini

Digital Colorist: Felix Trolldenier

Music by: Miss Natasha Enquist - Lost brand - Edwina & Deko - Bias - GolemInLove

Distributor: Gonella Productions, Shortsfit