Daniela Lucato

Place of Birth Padua, Italy

Residence Berlin

Ethnicity Caucasian/ south european/ eastern european/balkan

Languages Italien (Mothertongue), English (fluent), German (good), French (Basic)

Dialect Venetian

Driving Licence Auto (B)

Voice Sopran

Dance Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance



For The Time Being Short Film Director/Producer/Actress

The Wheel Short Film Director/Choreographer


Line Executive at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Jury member for Around Film Festival, Berlin

2015-2016 When I Dance (Feature Documentary)- Role: Director /Producer: Daniela Lucato- Berlin

Tropical Prevla Short Film Assistant Director/Producer directed by Manu Sobral and Fernando Calabron


KME MOVIE Artistic Direction - Cagliari (Italy)

Akyio aka Up Next- (Film)- Director: Onur Yayla- Role: Daniela

Music Video All those moments - Role: Rich lady - Director:Zee Maria Osh Producer: Florian Meindl

Moneygirl (Short Film)- Role: Assitant Director - Director: Luke Dolgner Producer:Crossbones Independent Film


THE BIRTHDAY (Short film)- Role: Writer/Director/Editor/Producer -Berlin

Nomination Best cinematography ShanghaiPRIDE- 23 Official Selections


POSTHUMOUS - Role: Voice - Director: Lulu Wang - Roter Film - Potsdam Babelsberg

Music Video "Stop Motion I" + "Heroic" -Album "Voa" for Oval - Role: Co-leading role - Director: Darko Dragicevic - Oval/ Markus Popp Production- Berlin - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miIe4bFU3yw

Once - Videoclip for the workshop "Space is the Place" with Lior Shamriz- Director: Daniela Lucato Simone Trotta, Berlin

Short Promo - Film 4 Frightfest - Director: Ryan Haysom - Berlin

Kurzfilm - Der stark eingemauerte Schatten- Role: The girl - Director: Simone Trotta - Art Academy Rome, Italy

Film Festival Cottbus Trailer 2013 - Role: Mother- Director: Daniel Carsenty - HFF Potsdam - Premiere at the Berlinale


"Berlin Junction" - Role: Carla - Director: Xavier Agudo - Feature Movie - Berlin

"A dinner and a Movie" - IMPROV FILM PROJECT: Role: Friend- Director: Xavier Agudo- Short Movie - Berlin

"Auf Einmal" - Role: Waitress - Director: Tatjana Moutchnik- Producer: Moritz Helmes & Jana Raschke - Short Movie - Berlin

"Hausbesetzer" - Role: Punk girl  - Director:  Marcelo Alves - Marlene Blumert  -  HFF Potsdam

"Clouds"  - Role: Sofia  - Director: Aldo Montesano  - Short Movie- Berlin


"The fall and the rise and the fall"  - Role: Jenny  - Director: Thanasis Tatavlasis  - Short Movie- Berlin


"Dasein"  - Role: Nr.8  - Director:  Martina Baist  -  UDK - Short Movie - Berlin


"Coke &Tarts"  - Role: Gina  - Director:  Dominik Lukas  -  Lukas&Levi Production, Shortmovie, Berlin



The Wheel,Connecting Fingers Company Director/Choreographer: Daniela Lucato

English Theatre Berlin Expat Expo Festival


Hearts4 Role Dancer - for Dance Festival Plataforma directed by Martha Hincapié-

and Performing Art Festival 2016

Connecting Fingers, Concept/Direction/Choreography

Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin

Tatwerk, Berlin

Festival Second Hand- Galleria Toledo Teatro Stabile di Innovazione -Naples


Connecting Fingers Concept/Direction/Choreography

English Theatre Berlin, Künstler Haus BethanienMADA(R)T,

Festival Possible Memories Tatwerk Berlin


METAMORPHOSIS, Le chant de la vie que change, directed by Fabio Tolledi (Astragali Theater) for the Maison d'Europe et d`Orient, Paris

"Call Me Reality" written and directed by Daniela Lucato -

English Theatre, Berlin -Expat Expo 2014,Sophiensaele Hochzeitsaal for100°Festival

Opening of "Kunst 2014" GaleriaZero/Forum Factory Berlin

"Some afternoons" written by Mario Fortunato - directed by Filomena Campus (Theatralia)- ICI, Berlin


Call Me Reality - Role: Bianca - Written and Directed by Daniela Lucato -GAPS2 -Funkhaus Grünau- Berlin

2012 -

Metalogues - Role: Anita - Director: Adela Bravo Sauras - NO FOURTH WALL Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

Sala Triangulo, Madrid- Festival Scena Simulacro, Madrid, Spain


Metalogues  - Role: Anita  - Director: Adela Bravo Sauras  - NO FOURTH WALL- Mica Moca Berlin


Syno  - Role: Butterfly  - Director : Ida Sons  -  NO FOURTH WALL - Mica Moca Berlin


What are you doing after the orgy?  - Role: Alicia - Director : Adela Bravo Sauras - NO FOURTH WALL - Tabacalera, Madrid

Pop Quiz almost an Octet  - Role: XY  - Director: Adela Bravo Sauras - NO FOURTH WALL - Hau2 - Theater Festival Berlin


Lorca is a Doppelganger  - Role: Blanche - Director: Adela Bravo Sauras -  NO FOURTH WALL - Theater Haus MItte - Berlin


La cittá Dolente  - Role: Dante  - Director: Gianni Conversano  -  Rassegna Teatri delle Mura, Padua, Italy

Inferni Paralleli - Assistant Director - Director: Gianni Conversano - Teatro Accento- Rome, Italy


La Metamorfosi del mito dai Greci a Ruzante  - Role: Servant  - Director: : Gianni De Luigi  -  Montirone Abano Terme, Italy


I bambini di Terezin  - Role: Lidya  - Director:  Gianni De Luigi  -  Teatro Stabile Verdi, Padua, Italy


Le cittá invisibili  - Role: Anastasia  - Director:  Nin Scolari  -  Padua-Teatri delle mura - Italy



Hearts 4 Role:Dancer Director Martha Hincapie, Plataforma Festival Berlin

Performing Art Festival Berlin


Ignition Lab- directed by Abraham Hurtado- (www.plataformaberlin.de) -Instituto Cervantes

Untitled - Aernout Mik- Haus der Kuturen der Welt - Berlin


Occhi sulle cittá  - Role: The dreamer  - Director: Massimiliano M. Palaia 

Project Telecontiguitá  -  House of the Architecture of Rome, Italy


Me Touche  - Role: Dancer  - Director: Alessia Garbo  -  Padua, Italy


Open Performance  - Role: Dancer  - Director: Atakama- Rome - Stage Padua, Italy

Sostanza Spostamento  - Role: Dancer  -  Director: Francesca Lega  -  Carichi Sospesi, Padua, Italy

Music Video


Music Video Teaser: Violent Yoga Trilogy - Cinephilia Pictures - Director: Tyrone Bryan/Janet Kalantarian-

Music Video: Alice Francis - St. James Ballroom – Director: Urs Remond - Production: Warnuts Entertainment, Berlin


Number One- Music Video  - Role: Girl  - Director: Petri Henriksson/Carlos Vasquez  -  Berlin

Silver or bronze- Music Video  - Role: Player  - Director: Petri Henriksson/Carlos Vasquez  -  Berlin

Werbung / Commercial


From AtoB Advertising- Role: Leading role (Chiara) Produced by Andrea Bonetti


Audiobook - Speaker - Wildfang Agentur


Cover image for the last book of Alison Littlewood "Path of needles"

Cover Image for the last book of Guillame Musso "Demain"

Advertising for Opel - Martin Grega Photography- Berlin


Model for Stock Photography/ Art Photography for different projects

Photographers: Christoph Wilhelm, David Ghione, Strich9ine Photography, Hayden Verry


Up with people  - Role: Girl  - Director: Ma Shumin  -  Berlin



Cortinprogress - Monologues - Regie: Coming Soon Television- Sky Television- Rome, Italy



Theater Workshop (2) for the Project WALLS- Separate Worlds directed by Fabio Tolledi, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

International Theater Workshop within the framework of the project WALLS-Separate Worlds -directed by Fabio Tolledi, Maison d'Europe et d'Orient, Paris


Theater Workshop with Filomena Campus (Theatralia)- ICI, Berlin

Acting in Film and Alexander Technique with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad - Berlin

Camera Workshop: Space is the place - Lior Shamriz- Filmarche - Berlin

Workshop Voice & Movement - Alessio Castellacci- Berlin


Camera Acting Workshop with Jordan Beswick - Actors Space - Berlin


Training and Private Lesson with the actor and director Manfred Otto, Eigen Art, Berlin


Workshop for the actor with Cosmino Group, directed by Rachel Karafistan, Berlin


Theater Stage directed by Gianni Conversano, Padua, Italy

2003 - 2004

Master "Istituto della Commedia dell'Arte Internazionale" with Teatro Stabile of Veneto Carlo Goldoni - Venice, Italy - Directed by Gianni De Luigi with Carolyn Carlson, Yutaka Takei, Eugenio Allegri


Theater School Teatro Continuo, Padua, Italy


Intensive 50-hours Stage on the Stransberg Method, directed by John Stransberg

2000 - 2006

Degree: Doctor in Letters and Philosophy, University of Padua, Italy

Thesis in Cultural Antropology: “On the limit of Dance. Antropological study about

two groups of Contemporary Dance”


Theater Stage on the Theater of the Oppressed- University of Padua, Italy


September 2010 - 2016:

Contemporary dance with Alessio Trevisani, Tanzfabrik Berlin


Dance Workshop Atacama -Leipzig Theater

April 2012:

Dance Workshop “The unlearning Process” by Matanicola (www.matanicola.com)with Nicola Mascia and Matan Zamir, Radialsystem, Berlin

September 2007 - September 2008:

Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Tanzfabrik Berlin

2005 - 2006:

Contemporary Dance DNA, Padua, Italy

Contemporary Dance Stage for Associazione Culturale Carichi Sospesi directed by Francesca Lega

Contemporary Dance Stage for the dancing group "Via" directed by Alessia Garbo

2003 - 2004:

Contemporary Dance Stage directed by Francesca Lega for Associazione Culturale Carichi Sospesi, Padua

Dance Theater workshop with the group Atakama, Rome, Italy

Coreography workshop with the group Mk directed by Michele Di Stefano and Biagio Carovano, at the Gershwin School (www.spaziogershwin.org), Padua, Italy

October 2002:

Jazz Dance at the DNA School, Padua, Italy